Tim Sylvia Interview with FightHubTV

“Tim Sylvia wants back in the UFC, believes he could knock out Christian Morecraft, Travis Brown and Stefan Struve”

2/27/12 FightHubTV

Tim Sylvia, a former UFC heavyweight champion has always brought negative responses from fans. Looked at as a joke and no serious threat in the Octagon, his resume would argue against the criticism: He has the most successful heavyweight title defenses (three), most consecutive heavyweight title defenses (two) and the first fighter to claim any UFC title with an undefeated record.

Leaving the organization after losing an interim title fight with Antonio “Minotauro” Nougeira at UFC 81, “The Maine-iac” asked Zuffa to be released from his contract to pursue other opportunities in his career. After his UFC departure, he encountered setbacks and losses before getting back into the win column in smaller promotions.

Riding a two fight win streak, Sylvia (30-7) has made it his mission to get back into the UFC, where he feels that not only could he win but knockout many of the competitors in the rankings today. Fight Hub TV was able to talk with the former champion and ask who he has in mind, what his plan is and who he is training with in preparation for a hopeful UFC return.

FHTV: How is the life of Tim Sylvia right now?

TS: Good man, everything is good. Just trying to get back in the UFC and really hoping this happens.

FHTV: This campaign is self started and you are focused to get in the octagon again. Who is a good fight for you currently on the UFC roster?

TS: Stefan Struve. That is the fight I want for first fight in. I could knock that guy out; I think it would be a great fight, not just for me to knock him out but for the fans as well.

FHTV: Who else beyond him do you think is good for you?

TS: I think I could do really well against Christian Morecraft, Travis Browne and Stefan Struve. Not just do good but knock those guys out in the process.

FHTV: Fans who read this may laugh and want to throw mud in your face, what do you say to them?

TS: I say give me the fight. Let me prove them wrong and me right.

FHTV: Fans have always seemed to root against you, any reason you think that is?

TS: I do not know, I wish I did though, if someone could tell me, I would fix it. I think a lot has to do with who I am. I am a strong, quiet guy and that’s not always something fans want to embrace.

FHTV: Talking about a UFC return, has anything been done on your side to get that moving forward with your management?

TS: No, nothing yet. Everyone in the UFC is in Japan for the fight, hopefully after they return we can keep talking and see what happens.

FHTV: Dana White has stated in response to your video ‘NO’, what do you say to that?

TS: Well, he can hold a grudge. He was not happy I asked to be released from contract but he has also given guys a second chance, maybe I will change his mind.

FHTV: You asked to be released from your contract, would that be any indicator why a comeback has not happened yet?

TS: I think so, I mean – they weren’t happy I wanted to go fight in Affliction and Fedor so right now I just need to keep going after what I want and my fans, please keep supporting me. Twitter, You Tube, etc. I appreciate it and thank you all

FHTV: Have you started training?

TS: Yeah, I am still here in Iowa with MFS (Militech Fighting Systems), walking around right now at 300lbs, I can make the cut to weigh in. Ideally, I want to walk around at 265 – that’s what I am doing right now.

FHTV: With the evolution of MMA, are there any other camps you would like to work with to help you out?

TS: I have a lot of friends in Las Vegas at Xtreme Couture so I would probably go there. Jackson’s in New Mexico is somewhere else I think I would like to train at.

FHTV: When you speak of Militech, at one time you guys were the supercamp of MMA right?

TS: Oh, without a doubt, we had three championships under one roof at once; Matt Hughes at welterweight, Rich Franklin at middleweight and me at heavyweight…I don’t think any other camp has been able to do that since. Those were good times and I am glad to have been apart of that.

FHTV: Do you still keep in contact with any of them?

TS: I talked to Matt a few weeks back, the other guys here and there.

FHTV: When you are not fighting, what do you like to do?

TS: Hunting season is coming up and I will be looking to make a few trips. White tail deer is my favorite thing to go after, so I’ll be looking for those.

FHTV: Trip with you, Matt and Brock Lesnar?

TS: (laughs) Hey you never know, it would be fun.

FHTV: Anyone you would like to mention or thank?

TS: All my sponsors, trainers, partners, management and fans who have supported me. Thank you to Fight Hub TV for the interview and you for talking with me. Just ask that everyone who wants to see me in the UFC again, make your voice heard.

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